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El Puente Bilingüe presents

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Montessori twist!

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Montessori pedagogy provides fertile ground for language learning and acquisition.

Montessori Materials

Unfortunately, there is not a lot in the way of Montessori language teaching and learning materials for guides who strive to bring world languages into the learning experience for elementary aged students.

El Puente Bilingüe is here to help change that. Our curriculum harnesses first language Montessori learning practices and skills and transfers them to second language learning, empowering young scholars to become inquisitive and analytical lifelong language learners. Our scaffolded lessons and unique mastery track activity options are detailed in our guidebooks in a way that is easy for instructors to present. Our Montessori tracking system make organization and planning easy for guides.

Early Skills

Pre-k and up

Lower Elementary

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Upper Elementary

Middle School

We have materials that can support students as young as 3 years old all the way up through middle school aged students.

The entire curriculum offers the equivalent of a high school Spanish 1 class, all while helping students build a very strong foundation as a lifelong language learner.

Find the sets that would best meet the needs of your student body. Click the underlined phrases to see the details on our store page.

Spark an interest! (Pre-K and older)

Spanish letters



Basic Colors

PreK Numbers


Home Vocabulary

School Vocabulary

Family Vocabulary

Parts of Body








Laying the Groundwork

This set is appropriate for lower or upper elementary, ages 7 and older. The beginner topics and skills covered can be taught as prerequisites to or along with the next learning package.




Nouns and Articles


Gender Agreement

Number Agreement

Question Words

Sentence Analysis

Home and School Vocabulary

Family Vocabulary

Neighborhood Vocabulary

Human Beings (Physical and

Personality vocabulary)

Who We Are and What We Do

Learners reinforce the prerequisite topics and skill and expand their vocabulary as they explore pronouns and verbs.

Subject Pronouns

Tú and Usted

-AR verbs and conjugations

-ER verbs and conjugations

-IR verbs and conjugations

Identifying Irregular Verbs

Ser and Estar



Ir + A for "going places"

Ir + A for informal future







Verb Study

Sentence analysis

Available as a “Deluxe” option or “Eco”, this set can be used in conjunction with the Laying the Groundwork set, or once the prerequisite topics have been covered.

Components of “Laying the Groundwork” and “Who We Are and What We Do”

The Guidebook

Each pack comes with a guidebook with lessons written for all of the topics and skills. The lessons are intended to be short, and they give the guide suggested verbiage, ideas for activities that will promote exploration, collaborative and independent learning, assessment ideas, and anticipated questions or challenges. Printables for reflection and tracking are included.

Boxes and Cards

The boxes are skillfully crafted to fit right into a Montessori learning environment. Get our Deluxe boxes (shown here) or consider our “Eco” boxes, shown on our site. Various options are available (digital and printed) for the learning cards. The cards arrive with a detailed guidebook for organization.

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Build bilingual bridges with us!

El Puente Bilingüe is here to support educators as they implement our curriculum. We offer:

  • Onboarding and trouble-shooting
  • Options for guides who are not fluent Spanish speakers.
  • Options for scheduled Q&A support
  • A pilot program for schools who want to work in tandem to ensure the success of their students while supporting El Puente Bilingüe.

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